Aeries & Report Cards

OUSD Aeries Portal for Students & Parents

The OUSD portal provides secure and invaluable access to student information — including grades and attendance — using any web browser. It not only benefits teachers, parents, the school and system administrators, it also improves the educational experience of students by facilitating the communication of information between school and home.

Critical Information Available on AERIES
  • Home tab, including Class Summary, Events Calendar and Attendance Summary
  • Grades tab, including Gradebook, Grades, Graduation Status, Transcripts and Standards-Based Progress Dashboard
  • Student Information tab, including Profile, Demographics, Contacts, Classes and Siblings
  • Attendance tab, including Attendance, Enrollment History and Attendance History
  • Medical tab, including Immunization details
  • Test Scores tab, including Test Scores College Entrance Tests
  • Change Student tab for accessing sibling information
Don’t Have Parent AERIES Access?

Parent information is available by email at Please include the name of your student. Parents without internet access may use the computers in Tech’s library. They may also use the Chrome browser or an AERIES App to access using a smartphone.

Student AERIES Accounts

Every middle and high school student in OUSD has access to their own information through Students should login using their OUSD email address with their password 00 + their six-digit-ID. It is important that each student use their own account to keep track of grades and assignments. 

For assistance, please contact

Report Cards

Students receive two progress report cards prior to the semester report card. Students need to keep up their grades or make up the work when they fall behind in order to earn the minimum number of credits they need to graduate.

Please be sure to review your child’s progress and meet with your student’s counselor or teachers as soon as possible if you have concerns.

An ‘F’ on a semester report card means that the student will not earn high school credit for taking the course that semester. (A ‘D’ passing grade in academic core classes will not be accepted by colleges.)

Check the school calendar to find out when each marking period ends. You should expect to receive a report card in the mail within two weeks after the end of each marking period and a final report card at the end of each semester. The semester report cards become a part of the student’s permanent record.

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