School Nurses

Oakland Tech’s school community is served by two full time nurses dedicated to maximizing the health, safety and well-being of roughly 2,000 students. In addition to their medical duties, our nurses also coordinate a variety of programs aimed at providing real, transformative services for Bulldogs in need, including vision care for students and groceries and personal care products for both students and their families. Information about these support programs is here.

Contact Information

Sarah Nielsen Boyd, MS, RN, PHN
(510) 450-5400 x 147



Amanda Epperson, LVN
(510) 450-5400 x 159


Both school nurses are at Tech every day — typically from 8:30 AM to 3:15 PM. However, they are frequently not in their offices due to meetings, diabetes coverage, trainings, issues on campus and more. The best way to reach them is by email. If it is urgent, please call.

How We Support Our Students

We receive diagnoses, if any, for students in AERIES, the school database. If you receive a request for medical information from us it’s because Aeries is telling us that your child has a
diagnosis such as asthma, seizures or severe allergies. If this information is not correct or has
changed, please let us know by email or phone so that we can correct Aeries. 

If your child has a diagnosis that could be an issue during the school day (asthma, severe allergies requiring emergency medications, seizures, etc.) please have his/her pediatrician complete the relevant form and return the form to us in Room 110A. The form must be signed by the doctor or nurse practitioner and signed by a parent or guardian. These forms must be renewed annually. A great time to take care of this is over the summer so that everything is ready to go when school starts.

Health Forms

Links to important health forms are available here. Forms are also available in hard copy form in Room 110A.  


If any medications are needed during the school day such as an asthma inhaler, Epipen, Tylenol or Ibuprofen, those must be supplied by the family and brought to school in a pharmacy-labeled container along with medical orders describing when to give the medication. The school nurses do not have any medications that can be given to a student unless the family has provided the medications with medical orders.


Students whose parents or guardians signed a consent form may be seen at the TechniClinic for minor issues such as headaches or cramps. Consent forms are available at the clinic.

Student-Created Presentation: Health During Wildfires

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