Tech’s yearbook is a labor of love from a dedicated group of students and faculty advisors who work to design, write, edit, lay it out and photograph it into existence. 

2018-19 Yearbook Update

We’re sorry to have to share the news that there are no extra 2018-19 Tech yearbooks are available beyond those that were pre-purchased either online or in person. It turned out that the extra yearbooks that we thought had been printed actually were for students whose yearbook purchases had been tagged as Oakland Senior High School by the publisher. We have received our final shipment from the publisher, and we see that there are only enough yearbooks to fill orders that have already been paid.

If you purchased a yearbook in advance, be sure to pick up yours up this summer (the sooner, the better) between 10 AM and 2 PM in the Treasurer’s office.

The Lifetouch representative has invited those of you who did not purchase a Tech 2018-19 yearbook to contact her directly if you are still interested in purchasing one so that she can look into doing an additional print run. You can reach her at

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